The 2020 Challenge – How I’m turning my life around in 2 years

The 2020 Challenge – How I am turning my life around in 2 years

Something changed in me this year

Do you ever feel like money is just running out of the door as soon as it comes in?
That you are stuck in life not moving forward? That you are doing everything by yourself?

That was me at the beginning of 2018

I used to play the lottery with the hope that one day I would win big, and all my troubles would melt away.

…But like I said – something changed.

“You have a brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You’re on your own,
You know what you know
And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go” Dr Seuss.

I read above quote, and for the first time in years, I felt in control – not a victim of circumstances.
I didn’t need to wait for that big lottery win.
I can start now and make a difference.
It doesn’t matter if no-one else helps, or even believes in what I’m doing.
I can change my life.

I decided to take stock of where I was, make some plans and get cracking.

This is how I’m doing it:

Multiple streams of income.

Money issues – I never manage to keep hold of my savings – there always seems to be some emergency that sucks them away.
I was reminded this year of how easily a job can be lost through illness or other circumstances.
The wider your streams of income – the more secure you can be – a lost job would no longer be a disaster – and you have choices.

I needed different ways of earning a living – preferably from home.
When you start to look around there are loads of ways to make extra cash – it’s just a case of finding the ways that suit you – here’s what I’m doing right now:

Matched Betting
This is not gambling, can be done from home and earnings are tax free.
I have tried this before and made a tidy sum, but didn’t keep it going.
There is a lot to learn to do this properly, but it’s possible to make £1000+ a month, with time and effort.
To make a decent amount at this you need a decent pot of cash to use, not spending the pot of cash is key.

Working Extra Shifts
(Obvious I know) I’m limited here as I care for my disabled son, but during school hours, I figured I could squeeze in an extra 2 shifts a month, mainly to help build my pot of cash to do matched betting.
It’s surprising how much easier it is to go to work when you have chosen to go in that day.

Money from hobbies
I love cross stitch, and have started to create my own designs – this is very slow going (I can maybe design and stitch 1 a month), but I have plans for an etsy shop/website/Blog – it is a very long term plan, but I would be sewing anyway for relaxation – it would be great to earn a bit of cash as well.

There are many more ways to get some cash – Ebay to sell unwanted items, mystery shopping, surveys, to name but a few.
Look at value – how much time did you have to spend on something to get a good return, and how easy do you find it

Find out what works for you and focus on it.

Give yourself a deadline

Without a deadline, there is a tendency to drift – nothing is urgent. I am a terrible procrastinator. I work better with a deadline – I constantly need to push myself. It helps me to prioritise.

2020 will be a year of change for me.
My son will leave education and will possibly need full time care – I don’t know what lies ahead from there – I may need to give up work/work from home.
With that in mind, I have set myself goals to achieve by then.

Once you have a long time deadline, break it down into smaller ones – I know where I want to be in 1 years time, and I break this down into monthly targets and then use these to decide what I’m going to work on each day.

Make a Plan
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

This is so true for me – I can pick up my computer to do some work and 2 hours later, I’m still scrolling through facebook.

My answer to most things in life is “Make a List”

I do this every single day in my diary – I have to, it keeps me focused.

If like me, your memory is not what it used to be, a To-do list is invaluable.
If I write something down, I don’t have to go round the whole day trying to remember it – it clears space in my brain.

There is nearly always too much on my To-do list, I put a star by the things that are essential – anything else is a suggestion in case I have spare time and want to be productive. I also make sure there are quick and easy things on there to get me up and moving.
I add a few relaxing activities to remind me to look after myself as well – it works!

It’s not just about money
It would be useless to arrive at your deadline as a burnt out wreck.
Whatever I do, it has to be sustainable – it has to fit into my daily life, around my caring role, and I have to feel good about it.

It’s not just work that can burn you out –

People that surround you – friends/family, sometimes just wear you down with constant negativity.
I blocked a few people from social media this year. If someone is constantly against you, it’s time to step away and take a break.

I am working on building myself up, financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am not going to let anyone in that constantly seeks to put me down.

Be conscious of how things make you feel. Do more of the things that give you energy, make you feel valued, and revive your soul.

Be Accountable and stay positive

Share your plans; let people know that you are changing your life. It will keep you motivated.
Fill your life positive energy – join groups with likeminded, motivated people – avoid the naysayers – in a few years they’ll be asking you how you did it.

This Blog will be a place for me to keep myself accountable. A constant reminder of what I learn on my journey, and a place for me to reflect, a reminder to myself that I am capable of doing amazing things.

I will share things that I find work and maybe pick up a few hints and tips along the way.


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