About Me

Cutting a long story short – (I could write a book with the details)

I am a wife and mum of 2:
My daughter is 20 and busy working and planning to buy a house next year.

My son is 17 and has severe special needs – constant supervision, toileting, assistance feeding etc

My husband has health problems with good/bad days.

………we have a hectic and unpredictable home life!!

I work as a midwife for 2 days a week – thankfully a flexible contract means no weekends, but the school holidays can be difficult.

I have debts!!
A failed business, rental properties (now sold) with bad tenants, and 5 months in hospital when my son was ill, – along with some poor decision making – has put me flat on my backside.

However, I have decided that – any situation can be improved with a positive mental attitude and a bit of determination. There is a life out there to be lived, and I’m not going to let it pass me by or admit defeat.

So – this is my blog – on how I am “Surviving at Life” and hopefully my eventual success story on how I am getting out of debt and starting to live my life again.

I will be real – nothing sugar coated – no judgments – just simply, this is what I have tried, this is what helped me survive today.

Thank you for joining me

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